Dear MEY New York’s valued clients,

Thank you for your patronage. We appreciate you work with us!

Please carefully read all of “things to keep you in mind” notice below before making your appointment.

Since we might no to be able to catch phone calls during business hours, we would prefer you to reach out to us via email first if you need to notify something like when you will be late to your appointment, you will need to reschedule or cancel.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Things to keep you in mind


Our team at “MEY New York” is composed of stylists with 10+ years experience. Having lived in NYC since 2015, we have been able to establish ourselves as Japanese-New York Stylists.

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Our Stylists


Owner Stylist


Master Stylist
She’s currently working on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays as part time so please email us or dm through Instagram for inquiries about her availability.


Master Stylist


Director stylist


Vice President

Our Pricing

※ Price may vary due to how much TIME/WORK required to achieve what you’re aiming for and who you work with. You can see a more accurate price on our booking system. As for all color processes, we can give you a more accurate total price if you email us with some pictures of your current hair and what you’re aiming for.

※ Quick dry is included to all services. Quick blow dry with brush is additional $10-20 for services except for hair cutting service.

※All prices are subject to change without notice at any time.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email if you have any other questions or concerns.

Owner’s Haircut
$160 - 180
Master’s Haircut
Director’s Haircut
There might be an additional $10-$20 to some with super long length, a lot of hair or super curly hair that needs to blow out to straight etc. Prices are subject to how much work and time required due to thickness, length and amount of hair such as cutting off long to short.
Bang Cut
Please note that we cut ONLY the front part, NOT including the side parts.You’ll end up being charged up to $65 If you want to have the side parts cut too.
$25 - $45
Roots Touch Up
$120 to up
Single Color
$140 to up
Full Highlights
$250 to up
Partial Highlights
$220 to up
$250 to up
Bleach Long Hair
$250 to up
Bleach Medium Hair
$225 to up
Bleach short hair
$210 to up
Bleach roots touch up
$230 to up
Perm(cold perm)
$160 to up
Japanese Straight Perm (full hair)
$410 to up
Japanese Straight Perm (roots touch up)
$360 to up
Hair Care
Olaplex Treatment
3 steps deep moisturizing treatment
Platinum 5 steps deep moisturizing treatment
An additional $10 to long hair, $20 to super long hair



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