Dear all our valued clientele

First of all, we’re so delighted to announce that we’ve finally come to the point where we’re going to reopen MEY New York again on 6/23, Tuesday with the green light given from the Government Officials!!! We know NYC’ll enter in phase 2 on 6/22, Monday, but we take one more preparation day as we now are getting ready.

Second of all, we sincerely would like to appreciate all the people who helped us stay in business and donated us. Please accept our deepest gratitude. The donation everyone made has gone to rent fee for April, May and Jun. As for compensations for employees, we were able to have benefits from U.S. government that could cover their compensations for the past months. As lots of restaurants, companies and small businesses have gone bankrupt due to COVID, we didn’t that is definitely because of you all. We will try to be stronger, needed and loved even more than ever to live up to expectations given from everyone!!!

Please see new our hours, policy and guideline below.

We will be working on a different schedule than usual in June and July so as to ensure the health and wellness for both customers and our teams. Please go our online booking and see our availability.

The store opens from 11 to 7 pm.

Upon entering the store, you must follow the guidelines given by the government. Here’s what to expect:

[Reschedule your appointment]
If you aren’t feeling well on the day you’re coming for your appointment, please call us to reschedule or cancel so as not to expose the others to risk.

[Wear a face mask]
It makes it difficult for us to work if you wear anything covers around your head. Wearing a regular mask is highly recommend.

[Take your temperature]
Upon arriving to the salon, all customers and we will receive a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 won’t be able to enter the salon.

[Come alone]
We will only let clients with their appointment enter alone.

[Wash and Sanitize your hand]
Upon entering the salon, we will ask you to wash and sanitize your hand before you sit in a chair.

[Close a waiting space and beverage service]
We would like to ask you to wait outside if you arrive earlier than an original appointment as a waiting space is closed. We don’t provide any beverages at this moment so please bring your own.

[Extra $3 for supplements of the cost of essential supplies]
You’ll sincerely be asked to pay an extra $3 as we need to keep having suppliers such as alcohols, sanitizers, masks in order to make the environment safe and sanitize until the government loosens the current guidelines. Also because we will take an extra 30 minutes between a client and the next client in order to completely disinfect all tools, chairs, mirrors etc. We are afraid to ask, but we would greatly appreciate your understanding.

Once again, thank you so so much for your supports and we can’t wait to see your beautiful face and grown hair🙈


この度は、私たちMEY New Yorkは、アメリカ政府から発表のあった、第2フェーズにあたる職種の経済活動再開に伴い、6/23よりついに約3ヶ月ぶりにオープンする運びとなりました。

そして、この期間中に皆様からいただきましたご支援金(現時点で$8872)に関しましては、この3ヶ月間の期間中に発生したMEY New York継続の為の家賃(4.5.6月分)に当てさせていただきました。そして募金を募る際に皆様にお伝えしていましたスタッフへの給与に関しましては、アメリカ政府からの補助がありましたので、そちらで賄うことができました。
閉店してしまった飲食店やサロンなども数多くある中で、こうして私たちがまた無事に再開できる目処が立ったのは、紛れもなくご支援いただきました皆様のおかげです。私達は、皆様の信頼を裏切らぬよう、これから精一杯MEY New Yorkを盛り上げていきます。温かく見守っていただけると幸いです。本当にありがとうございました。


MEY New York スタッフ一同

Salon News


Our team at “MEY New York” is composed of stylists from Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan, each of us, with 10+ years experience. Having lived in NYC since 2015, we have been able to establish ourselves as Japanese-New York Stylists.

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Cut & Styling

We’ll provide your ideal hair cut

along with various styling of

your choice.


We provide various types of haircare

that’ll sustain the look and the quality

of your hair style.


We have abundant selection of hair color to

style up your ideal look.

Our Stylist


Owner Stylist


Director Stylist


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Our Pricing

Cut & Styling
Women's Haircut
Men's Haircut
Kid's haircut 12y/o
Bang Cut
Brow Dry
Blow Dry with extensions
Perm(cold perm)
Bang Point Perm (cold perm)
Japanese Straight Perm (full hair)
Japanese Straight Perm (roots touch up)
Up / Do
Up / Do with a Shampoo and B/D
Hair Care
Head Spa 30min
Head Spa 50min
Olaplex Treatment
Deep Conditioning
Roots Touch Up
$100 – 105
Single Color
$115 – 131
Full Highlights
Partial Highlights
Few Highlights
Bleach Long Hair
Bleach Medium Hair
Bleach short hair/ roots touch up

※ Quick dry is included. Quick blow dry with brush is additional $10-20 for services except for hair cutting service

※ Price may vary due to the LENGTH and TIME needed for the service

※ All prices are subject to change without notice at any time