Dear all our valued clientele

Please see our policy and guideline below.

The new store open hours from 11 to 7 pm.

Upon entering the store, you must follow the guidelines given by the government. Here’s what to expect:

[Reschedule your appointment]
If you aren’t feeling well on the day you’re coming for your appointment, please call us to reschedule or cancel so as not to expose the others to risk.

[Wear a face mask]
It makes it difficult for us to work if you wear anything covers around your head. Wearing a regular mask is highly recommend.

[Take your temperature]
Upon arriving to the salon, all customers and we will receive a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 won’t be able to enter the salon.

[Come alone]
We will only let clients with their appointment enter alone.

[Wash and Sanitize your hand]
Upon entering the salon, we will ask you to wash and sanitize your hand before you sit in a chair.

[Close a waiting space and beverage service]
We would like to ask you to wait outside if you arrive earlier than an original appointment as a waiting space is closed. We don’t provide any beverages at this moment so please bring your own.

[Extra $3 for supplements of the cost of essential supplies]
You’ll sincerely be asked to pay an extra $3 as we need to keep having suppliers such as alcohols, sanitizers, masks in order to make the environment safe and sanitize until the government loosens the current guidelines. Also because we will take an extra 30 minutes between a client and the next client in order to completely disinfect all tools, chairs, mirrors etc. We are afraid to ask, but we would greatly appreciate your understanding.